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Immigration Services From Best U.S Lawyers

The American Dream was founded by an Irish born lawyer
with offices in New York City and Dublin. Our principal
attorney, David A. Bredin, has had a successful practice in
New York for over twenty years, and strives to help all
immigrants who wish to come to the U.S. We understand the
stresses and the strains that are connected with the
immigration process, and we believe in explaining the
process from start to finish eases people’s concerns.

For our services to various communities in the U.S. including
the Irish, our principal was awarded a Top 40 under 40
accolade in New York in 2011, by his Honor Mayor Bloomberg.
Our firm was also listed among the top 50 Irish Businesses
for 2013. Our immigration lawyers/consultants include some
of the most experienced advisors in the field.

our purpose and services

We provide are 100%
Client-Focused Service

The services we provide are one hundred percent client
focused, and we endeavor to have effective communication
by using plain language and keeping you updated at each
stage of your case. We will assure you if you have any
concerns, you may phone or email us, and we endeavor
to respond to any concerns within a matter of hours.

If you are trying to obtain a U.S. visa or legal status for a
relative or yourself, or are from another country looking to
invest in the United States, we understand how to make that
happen. The American immigration system is very complex,
bureaucratic, and constantly changing, and if a person
attempts to navigate this system by themselves, this may
result in avoidable delays and, or denials of their
applications which can have lasting negative effects. We
specialize in helping people from all over the world with their
own unique set of circumstances navigate the U.S. legal
system, whether this is for family, business, asylum, etc.

For a consultation, please email any questions and/or to arrange a consultation. Consultation fees start at 200.00. If additional fees are necessary, these shall be advised in advance.

Moreover, if you are seeking other legal services, for example, seeking to purchase property in the U.S., we can help you locate a suitable
property and represent you on the purchase of such, or, if you wish to establish a company, etc., please just contact us and we will be
happy to guide you.

Please note we do not practice Irish law, and thus only offer assistance on New York and Federal Law.r legal services in New York, and or
seeking to purchase property in the U.S., we can refer and advise you on this as well.


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